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Even though JAM JAM x TOAST icon TOAST has only just finished the mis-en-place, we are fully ready to start cooking! Our kitchen is now open and service is about to start. But don't just take our word for it, take a look at what other people had and get your order ready!

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flip this card around A mockup of the Dona Nutri project on mobile
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Dona Nutri

By Lucas

Home sweet home, that's the essence of Dona Nutri. Dona Nutri is an application where people can browse and buy frozen meal packages from other countries. Every place has its own combination of flavours, ingredients, and recipes. That's why Dona Nutri allows people to browse a comprehensive interface that makes ordering such products as easy as possible. In combination with a striking visual identity, Dona Nutri makes you feel a little closer to home.

flip this card around A mockup of the Telenet project on mobile
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TV Companion

By Pieterjan

Looking at the current state of TV viewing habits in Belgium, TV Companion concept offers Telenet users a new way to interact with their TV. This application offers viewers a new way to enjoy their living rooms through live behind the scenes anecdotes of people's favorite TV shows and movies, along with quizzes with weekly rankings.

flip this card around A mockup of the Meal Arcade project on mobile
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Meal Arcade

By Tobias

Living with other people can be a constant discussion over food, that's why Meal Arcade is here. Take HelloFresh and Collect&Go, put these two together and you get Meal Arcade, of course there is more than just that. It takes your eating preferences/behaviours in account, like veggie, allergies, dislikes, hallal,... The application removes all the unnecessary ingredients from a recipe, saving you money, and even better, limiting food waste.

flip this card around A mockup of the Sugar and Spice project on laptop
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Sugar & Spice

By Johanna

Every year new students buy a full set of new cooking equipment, and every year the graduating students throw theirs out. Sugar & Spice offers a more sustainable alternative by allowing students to rent kitchen appliances year round. Along with easy, yet delicious recipes, it provides the full package for beginner, intermediate, and expert chefs.

flip this card around A mockup of the Cinemal project on tablet
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By Lennert

Cinemal is an online platform where users can find their content regardless of which streaming service offers that content. On top of that, this application offers the ability to seamlessly activate or deactivate subscriptions in order to improve subscription management. It aims to be the all-in-one streaming application for the consumers with multiple subscriptions.

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